Ivo Boblan - Research


Research Interests

  • Bionik
    • Mindset of bionik engineers
    • Biorobotics, Biosensor technology and actuators
    • Constitution and organisation of the Bionik-Kompetenz-Netz BIOKON
    • Constitution and organisation of the BIOKON International
  • Bioengineering
    • Artificial Muscle
      • Academic jojo with an artificial muscle as linear actuator
      • Test buildup of an antagonistic muscle actuator
    • Construction of the humanoid robot ZARx (Zwei-Arm-Roboter)
      • A quarter of an humanoid robot ZARx with artificial muscle in human like proportion, muscle arrangement and functionality
    • Construction of the pneumatic elephant trunk Tripedale Alternanzkaskade (TAK) in the Biona project BROMMI (Bionische Rüsselkinematik für sichere Roboteranwendungen in der Mensch-Maschine-Interaktion)
    • Biological inspired control, data architecture and information processing
  • Methods, Algorithms and Tools for Evolutionary Computation especially Evolution Strategies in System Identification and Control

Thesis Topics (Studien/Bachelor and Diplom/Master)